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yaybir_logo Project Leader: Turkish Publishers Association

Turkish Publishers Association is a national non-governmental organisation representing the aspects of book and journal publishing in Turkey. Established in 1985 in Istanbul by publishers and publishing distributors, TPA is the oldest nationwide publishing industry association and currently has over 300 active members including book and magazine publishers and publication distributors. TPA represents Turkey as a member of the International Publishers Association (IPA).

As one of its founding missions is to work towards ensuring freedom to publish in Turkey, since 1994 TPA annually gives Freedom of Thought and Expression Awards and publishes annual Freedom to Publish Reports. Besides, it organizes press conferences and makes press releases to attract attention towards the suppressive legal and political implementations in this field.





Proje Ortağı

Proje Ortağı

İsveç Yayıncılar Birliği

İştirakçi Ortaklar

İştirakçi Ortaklar

Uluslararası Yayıncılar Birliği

IPS İletişim Vakfı (Bianet)

Edebiyat Haber



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Faaliyet Yöneticisi: Cenk Öntürk

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Muhasebeci: Yasin Balaban

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